West Bloomfield Historical Society

Eagle Scout Project - 2016

West Bloomfield Troop 56 Scout Ian recently partnered with community groups, including the Historical Society, Town of West Bloomfield, West Bloomfield Congregational Church, and others to make improvements at the Pioneer Cemetery on County Rd. 37.   Ian’s project work day on October 15, 2016, truly brought our community together.   Here’s an account of the day from Society Vice President Mike Borgeest:

​Congratulations to Ian!!

​Volunteers started rolling in!

“Volunteers started rolling in early in the morning.   Ian offered up fresh donuts and coffee with the help of mom and sister.  The entire Mitchell family was there to offer support.  Volunteers were paired up and assigned various tasks.  I was paired with Rev. Keyes and most of the Scouts were paired with their fathers.   Ian’s goal was to replace the deteriorated sign, straighten eight historic headstones that he and Society Historian Pat Talley had identified, and to paint the wrought iron fence.  The volunteers were all enthusiastic and headed to their assigned tasks.  One Scout, Eli, noticed just the bottom corner of a stone that had years of dirt and debris burying it.  He was intrigued enough to carefully remove this and find a beautifully engraved message from a son to his mother.  It was one of the highlights of the project.

I began to get a sense of how our ancestors were so successful in building their homes and barns.  With such a diversified group of skills, energy, and knowledge, the project went very smoothly.  The group was able to straighten over twenty headstones.  The wrought iron fence was prepped, sanded, and painted.  The Pioneer Cemetery sign was replaced with a period look and appropriate feel.  Ian’s Eagle Scout project was a great success and you will see the difference when you get the chance to visit or drive by.  I got to meet new people from West Bloomfield as well as Honeoye and Canadice.  It truly was a great experience.  Congratulations to Ian.”​