Some places to look for more information:

Books about the Town of West Bloomfield (Available at Bloomfield, Mendon, Honeoye, Lima, and Allens Hill public libraries.  The first two books are also available for purchase from our Society.)

  • Unmasking the Past: Millers Corners Ionia 1789-1989

  • Windows to the Past
  • Town of West Bloomfield: A Brief History to 1976

​​Websites about the Town of West Bloomfield

  • Ontario County Historical Society –
  • Honeoye Falls-Town of Mendon Historical Society (our neighboring historical group and additional resource for North Bloomfield information) –
  • East Bloomfield Historical Society (our neighboring historical group) – 
  • Ontario County Website –  Click on Experience Ontario County, County History OR Government, Records and Archives

West Bloomfield Historical Society

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